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Admission & Enrollment

Prerequisites to Admission

A high school diploma or its equivalent is required for admission to the HMEI Early Childhood Education Course; a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline, however, is preferred.

Nondiscrimination Policy

HMEI prohibits discrimination to enrollment and participation in any of its educational programs on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, and marital or family status.

Application Packet

Candidates for admission may obtain a physical or electronic Application Packet from the HMEI Business Office upon request. The following application material must be submitted to HMEI in order to be considered for admission (applications will be considered once all required materials have been received):

  • HMEI Application
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • An official copy of educational transcripts (In order to be “official”, transcripts (or e-transcript) must be mailed (emailed) directly to the HMEI Business Office from the high school, college, or university attended)
  • Three professional references mailed or emailed directly to the HMEI Business office (HMEI EC Reference Letter Form - Fillable.pdf)
  • Copy of Montessori teaching credentials (if applicable)
  • Application Fee of $150.00 payable to HMEI (non-refundable after the Cancellation Period)

International Transcripts

Candidates submitting transcripts from a foreign college or university, not accredited by a United States accrediting agency, must submit an official, independent evaluation of their degree program in order to establish U.S. degree equivalency. Official independent evaluation of a degree program may be obtained through an AMS recognized U.S. credential evaluation service. Please see www.naces.org/members for more information.

Documentation of English Language Proficiency

All candidates whose primary language is not English must provide documentation of English language proficiency at the time of application to the program. This requirement may be satisfied by submitting official Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), Academic IELTS, or Pearson scores that meet the following requirements:

TOEFL: Paper 575
Computer 230
iBT 89
IELTS: Academic 6.5 Pearson : 53

HMEI reserves the right to administer additional proficiency tests to any candidate, accepted candidate, or enrolled adult learner about whose English language proficiency HMEI has concerns. All English as a Second Language (ESL) recommendations and requirements are a condition of admission, enrollment and/or continued enrollment at HMEI.

Application Deadlines

Enrollment at HMEI is limited in order to ensure our adult learners receive the finest educational experience possible. Classes fill quickly and, for this reason, we encourage candidates to apply early and before April 30th. Applications are reviewed and considered in the order they are received. Most applications are received January through April.  Applications are still considered in May, if space is available.

Entrance Interview

Once an application is complete, the file will be reviewed, and the candidate will be contacted by the Academic Director to arrange an in person or virtual interview. Discussion may include various topics relating to the candidate’s application materials, professional experience, as well as ideas or potential prospects for a qualified practicum internship site, which is an element that is essential to the successful completion of the Early Childhood Course.

Acceptance & Registration

The Academic Director is responsible for all decisions relating to the acceptance of adult learners to the Course. Once accepted, adult learners will receive an Enrollment Packet that will include Course Guidelines, an Enrollment Agreement form, and a Tuition Agreement form. The Enrollment Agreement and Tuition Agreement forms must be signed and returned, along with an Enrollment Deposit payable to HMEI, in order to complete the enrollment process and secure your place in the Course.

Transfer of Credit

HMEI is unable to confer credit for Montessori training, education or experience that was acquired at other institutions. All credit hours for this Early Childhood Course must be earned at HMEI.

Transcript Release Policy

HMEI transcripts may be released and issued to an adult learner or to a third party, as indicated, upon completion and submission to the HMEI Business Office, of a Transcript Release Request Form that is signed by the adult learner. There is no fee for the first official transcript, but a $15.00 fee for additional official transcripts.

HMEI Certification

Upon successful completion of the HMEI Early Childhood Course, adult learners will be conferred an HMEI Certificate of Completion as formal documentation of their achievement.

Credentialing Criteria
(Full, Associate, and non-U.S. applicants)

(Excerpt adapted from AMS Handbook dtd. March 2022, published July 2022)

  • AMS Early Childhood Credential: Candidates for the AMS Early Childhood Credential hold a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited U.S. college or university.

  • AMS Associate Early Childhood Credential: An AMS Associate Early Childhood Credential is awarded to adult learners with a minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent, but without a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited U.S. college or university. Candidates for the AMS Associate credential must complete all requirements for the course and upon completion, should represent themselves as holding an AMS Associate Early Childhood Credential.

    It is encouraged that teachers who have earned an AMS Associate Early Childhood Credential should continue their education toward acquiring a Bachelor's degree. Teachers with an Associate Credential are eligible for an AMS Early Childhood Credential upon completing the Bachelor’s degree requirement. Official transcripts documenting the completion of a Bachelor's and appropriate upgrade fee must be sent to AMS Office of Teacher Education by the individual acquiring the degree. The teacher must be a current AMS member at the time of the upgrade.

  • AMS Early Childhood Credential for Non-U.S. Applicants: An AMS Early Childhood Credential may be awarded to adult learners who hold a Bachelor’s degree or higher from a non-U.S. college or university and whose degree does not equate to a Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited U.S. college or university. The degree and the country in which the degree was awarded will be indicated on the credential.

Submission of Application Materials

Please submit all application material to HMEI via mail or email to the following address:

Hope Montessori Educational Institute
1799 Lake St. Louis Blvd.
Lake St. Louis, MO 63367
[email protected]

Additional Information

For questions or to obtain additional information, feel free to contact us at:

Telephone: 636-265-2877
Fax Number: 636-265-2863
E-mail: [email protected]