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Morning Breakout Sessions

Breakout 1 (Please check only one box per workshop)

"Stepping Stone to Impulse Control: How the Montessori Approach can Support That Journey"

"Learning to Move, Moving to Learn"

"Teaching Mindfulness in a Montessori Classroom"

"Teaching Religion in the Montessori Classroom: Cathecesis of the Good Shepard"

Breakout 2 (Please check only one box per workshop)

"Grit, Gratitude, Grace, and Courtesy"

"Cultivating the Parent Teacher Alliance in an Infant Classroom"

"How Infant-Toddler Philosophy and Experience Inform My Work As An Early Childhood Educator"

"Rewiring Your Conventionally Trained Brain: How to Think Like You Were a Montessori Child"

Afternoon Breakout Session

Breakout 3 (Please check only one box per workshop)

"Cultivating Inner Peace"

"All Children Have Gifts: A Montessori Perspective on Infants / Toddlers with Special Learning Needs"

"Supporting Language in the First Plane of Development: The Power of Words"

"The Everyday Wild: Building a Nature Loving Community from the Child Up"

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Request for refunds must be made in writing and emailed to HMEI no later than Sept. 1, 2018. Refunds will be disbursed within 30 days after the conference. For each refunded registration, a $50 cancellation fee will be debited from the refund for each cancelled registration.

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